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On - Net Calls Free
Fixed Line Neotel 35c
Fixed Line Telkom 32c
Mobile Call Rates 69c


087 Numbers Per Month R10.00
Geographic Numbers Per Month R50.00
Itemized Bill Per Month R15.00
Number Porting Once Off R200.00
PBX Installation Once Off R500.00
PBX Extensions Per Month R50.00
PBX Fax Extensions Per Month R50.00
PBX Recording Extensions Per Month R100.00

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With cloud-based VoIP, the central intelligence of the telephone system resides in a service provider’s secure data center. This means you only need to connect the end-user devices (such as phones and routers) to the internet to connect to DATA SA. With Hosted PBX, there’s no need to buy, install and maintain an on-site PBX (private branch exchange telecommunications server).
Hosted VoIP PBX reduce your telephone bill up to 40%

Research performed with customers across all industries has revealed that we typically save our VoIP clients at least 30% on their phone bill.

DATA SA Cloud PBX starts at R49 per month/per extension. Except for this low
monthly fee, you only pay your calls and remember the DATA SA call rates are very cheap. DATA SA customizes solutions for your businesses unique requirements, including multiple numbers, sub-accounts and SIP Trunks with unlimited simultaneous calls. Click here to ask a quote.

With DATA SA Hosted PBX, your phone data is sent over the Internet and not over expensive traditional copper phone lines (although it can be received over traditional phone lines). Since you’ve already paid a flat rate for your Internet connection, you are not charged anything extra for the network delivery. Most of the time however you’re not calling a subscriber who is on VoIP themselves, but one who is making use of a regular PSTN telephone. For these calls, sooner or later your voice has to drop down to the traditional lines so that it can reach them. This is the reason why VoIP calls are not free but much cheaper.

Maintenance and upgrades for free with a Cloud PBX

With DATA SA Cloud PBX, you can budget your communication services as a predictable monthly expense. There are no added costs for annual maintenance contracts, software upgrades and other system support requirements. Click here

VoIP telephony system is quick to deploy

Focus on your business, not on your phones. Our Cloud PBX is easy to use and quick to implement. The entireinstallation process can be completed in as little as two or three days.
DATA SA Cloud (Hosted) PBX is a service, offering the functionality of a PBX without the need of installing a PBX at the customer’s location. Only VoIP phones need to be installed to deploy a Hosted PBX.

A big advantage is that transitioning to our Hosted PBX system will not cause downtime, and you will be able tokeep all of your existing phone numbers. The change over is seamless and can be installed by the customer themselves. Typically, the corporate network administrator performs the installation. DATA SA can provide on-site support upon request of all pre-configured material.
VoIP has never been as efficient and easy as it is with DATA SA Cloud PBX.


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