FAQ about IPTV (Internet Protocol TV)

  • Watching Live TV channels via internet is called IPTV (Internet Protocol TV). It keeps downloading the content simultaneously from the source to your TV/App/Box with your fast internet/fiber opitcs connection.

  • Quick Answer is: Using IPTV service is legal, it must should be purchased from an authrized dealer/provider of the service. Otherwise watching Premium TV channels using unauthrized resources is illegal. Its not illegal in the USA and other countries (Must be authrized). Let’s suppose there is a Television channel called ExampleTV available via satellite but encrypted and only can be accessed via billed Cable TV and an authrized Dish service provider and an IPTV provider is also providing the same channel via IPTV means its 100% illegal. That IPTV provider is stealing the IPTV streams using OTT/IPTV Boxes then uploading to his server and then selling services to you. Hope this make sense!


  • There are many IPTV apps and devices, each having own method of setup/installation of IPTV playlist. Checkout our blog posts or write download your app/box name + setup and search in Youtube or Google. It will show you a list of tutorials, read or watch one of them and setup yourself.


  • Go to above pricing table, click on Buy Now package > Pay and check confirmation email. After that email our team mates will soon send the service to your same email address mostly within 10 minutes.

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