Easy monthly payment

Receive a membership for 1 year calculated from the day you joined until the same day the following year ie. 1 Sept 2016 – 1 Sept 2017. All memberships are automatically renued every year. We have members all over South Africa and abroad so anyone is welcome to join.

Play at affiliated rates

Play at affiliated rates (see FAQ).

Official SAGA card

Receive an official SAGA (South African Golf Association) handicap card which will have your name and the name of your host golf club. This card allows you to play at affiliated rates (reduced rates), see our FAQ.

Official SAGA handicap

Receive a handicap after a minimum of 5 scores have been submitted by yourself. These scores are accessible over the internet or at your SAGA golf terminal found at the golf club or proshop. After playing a round of golf you can swipe your card at the SAGA terminal and enter your scores at the golf course played or you can submit your scores through our advanced online system within your profile (within your own time) and we’ll process your scores towards your official handicap free of charge. It is as easy as this.


No hidden costs

There are no joining fees to become a member of the Golfers Inc website, it’s absolutely free. The fee that you pay is for your membership and it’s a monthly fee.The upfront fee that you pay is for your South African Golf Association (SAGA) affiliation and Handicaps Network Africa (HNA) Card is a once off fee for an entire year’s membership. There are absolutely no hidden fees or any additional costs.

Fantastic referral bonuses

Receive a referral bonus of R200 for every friend that you refer to the Golfers Inc  who joins and pays. We’ll discount your next annual subscription membership by the amount of friends you have introduced. Introduce about 6 friends and your next membership is absolutely free on us.

Value-added benefits

We provide special value-added benefits to our clients from time to time during their membership. These benefits allow our members to receive additional discounts on selected products and items from 3rd party suppliers or partners of ours.

Anyone can join

Anyone is welcome to join – gents, ladies, children, students, professionals and corporates.

We believe at Golfers INC that you should have access to golf membership no matter where you play golf or live.

Through our website we´re able to bring this affordability and service to you in the comfort of your own home, business or wherever you may be online.
As a member at Golfers INC you a nationally affiliated member witch allows you to pay the affiliated visitor’s rates on any one of South Africas top golf courses.

If you are not a club person don’t worry; you are not the only person who may not enjoy “club” environments.

At Golfers INC you are a valued member but will never be expected to participate in club meetings or club events


Without a Golf membership, golfers are “penalized” in 2 ways.

1 – They do not have an official handicap and
2 – They are penalized for Non-Member visitor’s fees.

With a membership at Golfers Inc – these two “down-sides” to golf, fall away.

In so doing we are able to offer our members the following:

An official SAGA handicap card and The opportunity to swipe their handicap card and benefit from affiliated rates when not playing their home course.

We are totally dedicated to making golf more affordable and give you golf membership at budget prices along with excellent service , guaranteed.