Time to move existing Satellite TV to Latest Technology IPTV
Our IPTV Service comes with Premium TV channels and TV Shows

Why Move to IPTV?


Stream all your favorite live HD Football Streams from all around the world. Don’t miss your favorite teams anymore Sports!!: NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, PPV Events, Sky Sports F1,Sky Sports Golf, Sports 1-5 (all in HD) and more.

Cartoon Channels

Complete list of childrens programmes including,Cartoon Network,Nickleodeon,Nick Jr,Disney !


Retina 4K display

4K Video Quality


Video ON Demand

Not only live sports ,Enjoy more than 2000 Movies, and all new the latest TV shows instantly! All our VOD are updated on daily basis.

Server Stability

No more freezing, stuttering on livesports our Streaming Services are always ready with our powerful IPTV streaming servers.


Watch on your TV via your media player or laptop or SmartTv! A reliable fast fibre connection is recommended for HD streaming

Epic IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) Service Provider

Offering 24hrs IPTV Trial Free | Apply it now!

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A reliable fast fibre connection is recommended for HD streaming

EPIC IPTV was created to enable all South Africans to enjoy international sport and TV without it having to cost a fortune. With the introduction of uncapped fibre to the home (FTTH) and advanced LTE (Mobile Broadband) data and fast line speed has now become more affordable for the almost everyone.

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Pro R285

/ month


Single Device Subscription

No contract - month to month

Use a media player, laptop or smart TV App to stream

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Pro Max (includes 3 months Live TV subscription) R1800

/ once off


Single Device Subscription

No contract - month to month

Includes MXQ 4K Media android Box

All setup and ready to go - plug and play

Free courier to your door

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Why Move to IPTV?

IPTV is next generation Television technology. Update your existing TV setup from traditional  Satellite TV To the Latest Internet Protocol TV, subscribe 7000+ Worldwide Premium TV channels via Internet On Your Mobile, Computer, Tablet, SmartTVs, IPTV Box and other media devices/apps by downloading continues media from sources to your device LIVE. IPTV comes with a large list of Premium Live TV channels with HD and 4K video quality including the latest VOD, TV SHOWS and Live Sport Events. IPTV is complete bundle of Entertainment with very reasonable prices.

  • Watching Live TV channels via internet is called IPTV (Internet Protocol TV). It keeps downloading the content simultaneously from the source to your TV/App/Box with your fast internet/fiber opitcs connection.

  • Quick Answer is: Using IPTV service is legal, it must should be purchased from an authrized dealer/provider of the service. Otherwise watching Premium TV channels using unauthrized resources is illegal. Its not illegal in the USA and other countries (Must be authrized). Let’s suppose there is a Television channel called ExampleTV available via satellite but encrypted and only can be accessed via billed Cable TV and an authrized Dish service provider and an IPTV provider is also providing the same channel via IPTV means its 100% illegal. That IPTV provider is stealing the IPTV streams using OTT/IPTV Boxes then uploading to his server and then selling services to you. Hope this make sense!


  • There are many IPTV apps and devices, each having own method of setup/installation of IPTV playlist. Checkout our blog posts or write download your app/box name + setup and search in Youtube or Google. It will show you a list of tutorials, read or watch one of them and setup yourself.


  • Go to above pricing table, click on Buy Now package > Pay and check confirmation email. After that email our team mates will soon send the service to your same email address mostly within 10 minutes.

    Future’s Best IPTV Service, 7000+ Live TV Channels, MOVIES & TV SHOWS (VOD/MOD), On your IPTV Box, Smart TV, Mobile, Computer and Tablet.

    Shop our IPTV Service, offering Premium IPTV Streaming Channels, No freezing, No Buffering, Fast Zapping with Premium IPTV Channels.

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